With mixed feelings, I give you this page. These are the three cats that have died all in one year a few years ago. I miss them still.


He was one of my rescue kittens. I thought I'd placed him in a good home, but, after a year, he was returned to me as a behavior problem. He may have been abused or maybe it was just that they declawed him. It took him years to work up the courage to sit in my lap. And he'd been such a friendly kitten.


When I first started volunteering at Pet Pride, I swore I would not bring home any cats. But Pansy won my heart. She was an older girl when I got her.


After I adopted Pansy, I swore that was it. Yes, I fell in love with Mikel at Pet Pride, too. He always sat on my shoulder when I came to visit there and took my hair down. Then after I'd been coming there for about a year, I came in and he wasn't there. He'd been adopted. I went home and worried about him. Was his new home good enough? Did his new people love him as much as I did. When I went back to Pet Pride and saw him again, I was so happy. The adoption didn't work out. So, I just had to take him home, so I wouldn't have to go through that again.