Introducing My Cats


Julia with my puppy slippers
(She has a foot fettish)

Julia was cat #2. I got her as a kitten in 1986 from a shelter

Willie helps unwrap
Christmas presents

Willie was cat #1, born April 15, 1985 and everyone now remarks on how he doesn't look that old. I got him as a kitten from a friend.


I took her in with her kittens after they'd been dumped at a trailer park. She was pretty skinny then but seems to have vowed, like Scarlett O'Hara, to never go hungry again. Given a chance, she inhales all her own food, and that of the other cats, in seconds.

I found homes for the kittens, but no one wanted her. After about a year of trying, I gave up, and she was mine.

Nicholas was a
funny-looking baby

He was dumped at a Pet Store when he was about a week old. One of the employees was bottle-raising him, but not feeding him often enough (they need to be fed every 2hours, round the clock at that age. When I took him in, he was two weeks old and in bad shape. I didn't even take pictures then since I didn't think he'd make it. But he did and then, I just couldn't adopt him out to someone else.